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From Organizational to Individual Development…

Helping people find and follow their path to “Living A Life They Love” is now the complete focus of my work. For those of you who signed up for my blog years ago, we probably met when team building and customer satisfaction were on my list of topics. Today, “Smiling More & Stressing Less through Personal Transformation” is the topic I’m sharing. It’s always been a part of my work, and it’s exciting to be spending my days swimming in the spiritual, psychological, and philosophical aspects of being human :-) My dedication to this body of work was born out of seeing people challenged to be part of a team when they struggled as individuals:

When fundamental life-issues are driving you nuts,

it’s hard to play nice in the sandbox.

So, to further help people bring their “A” Game to Life, it’s time for me to address issues that enable them to live the extraordinary lives they were always meant to live, to “Access Their Greater Self in the Service of Others.” I do hope you’ll stay with me for upcoming blogs on Awakening, Beliefs, Compassion, Emotions, Interconnectedness, and Motivation, just to name a few. And please be sure to weigh in and share your thoughts…I’d love to hear from you :-)